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Customised Branded Rickshaw Advertising in London

Espirit Rickshaws and Espirit Bus

                 Branded Rickshaw Advertising in London


Customised Branded Rickshaw Advertising in London is perfect advertising vehicles. The Branded Rickshaws enables messages to reach the audience directly! using fully wrapped body. Rickshaw Advertising bikes are produced with advertisement purpose in mind for London and UK!

London Rickshaw Advertising has assisted many companies with their campaigns. With London Rickshaw Hire you will get the finest looking rickshaws at best value and in the number of rickshaws you need.

To imagine the impact of this type of advertising, imagine a fully wrapped rickshaws carrying your message in London Westminster or in an agreed location putting your message in front of the consumers you’re trying to target; Basically an advertisement campaign can not get more effective!

This creative, catching outdoor advertisement channel magnets attention everywhere, providing impact full campaigns value for per thousand. The Branded Rickshaw can be stopped, cycled and pushed into key locations.

Rickshaw riders can wear your branded uniform and could make your event richer. They could distribute brochures or samples.

You could also brief the riders to answer enquiries about the samples or brochures.

Whether your firm is Nationwide or local, London Rickshaws can reach your target consumer. Please click here to see some how we helped some of our clients

  • Branded Rickshaws can be used for City Centres , Store openings, events, Show, Exhibition, Concert, Product sampling, Marketing and more…
  • Experienced riders.
  • Riders Brand Ambassadors.
  • Nationwide or local campaigns.
  • Lighting system for dark and winter.
  • Competitive price which includes the cost of rider.

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