Customised Branded Pedicab Advertising in London


      Branded Pedicab Advertising in London

Customised Branded Pedicab Advertising in London is the best option to attract clients to your store entrance by providing best connection with the consumer. The classic pedicabs could provide sponsored journeys to public and take the individuals to sponsor’s shop or event.

The Pedicabs could be Customised branded totally, wrapped with your messages.

The Customised Branded Pedicabs could carry samples or leaflets that could be given to the audience or passengers and the driver can be your brand advocate and be fully briefed on the event.

The Riders can be used as your brand advocate. One of the finest method of promoting  the brand is by making sure you have enough people on the field to deliver the message or samples. Our riders can be utilized where ever you need them. Pedicab riders could wear branded uniforms boards to help with your campaign. The riders can work alone or with team.

Big corporate s rely more and more on Environmentally Friendly Pedicabs to promote and have their advertisement campaigns. Pedicabs provide long & short Advertisement campaigns, which can be for one or on entire fleet of Pedicabs.

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–          Local or Entire Country

–          Fully Wrapped Body

–          Fresh Look

–          Advertise at Westminster

–          Customised Branded inside and outside

–          Free Lifts, show, event, theatre, festival, exhibitions and more

–          Brand Ambassadors


Please contact us  with your advertising needs, and we will custom make the solution to suit your requirements…



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