Ad Walkers

adwalkerAd Walker , Human banner, Walking billboard basically indicates the exact same Awalker 1thing. It is an Marketing and advertising format. It is a sort of Walking billboard. In this type of advertisement, individual has a billboard on his back and then walks in the market place. and, this billboard lights up using a battery power. This simply leavesan long lasting impact on the consumers. This kind of innovative advertisement has the on of the Maximum Recognition RATE OF THE Brand name and that’s what the actual objective of marketing and invention is! Being an revolutionary advertising solution it helps in attracting and participating target viewers. In lookwalker walking billboard marketing Marketing Walker walks with the crowd, and makes a unique perception. ad walker is a finest method to generatea BUZZZZZ in a market place.

Ad Walkers can be applied at the time of Shop starting, Product or service starting, Product sales marketing, Exclusive offers, Street exhibits, Film campaigns, Hype advertising, Sampling, Expos. Our objective is to offer you most effective solutions.

We at LRM help you in advertising your company to the crowd. We are a Modern & specialized event organization specilising in ad walkers and rickshaws. Our primary concentrate is constantly in delivering you the most effective high quality support which will assist you in achieving your goals. Our helpful employees will assist you with your requirements and also in carrying out your strategies.